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Total user experience

By | tammikuu 26th, 2015|Yleinen|

Total user experience In the past, the term User Experience (UX) used to be all about Human-Computer Interaction. This outdated view is still reflected in the following definition, found online in Microsoft’s Glossary of MMC Terminology: “User Experience: An activity of encounter by a computer user with the auditory and visual presentation of a collection [...]

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Employing Design

By | tammikuu 19th, 2015|Yleinen|

Employing design: In-house vs. external Design problems are often complex. There’s the technology that the product or service is based on, there’s the business of sales and marketing, and of course, there are the people who will be using the product or service along its life cycle. To be able to tackle a problem from [...]

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