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Hands-On Brand Experiences

By | helmikuu 27th, 2015|Yleinen|

HANDS-ON BRAND EXPERIENCES: DEMO UNITS Demonstrating the unique selling proposition (USP) of a stand-alone product is straightforward – the product itself is enough. You can simply try out a mobile phone to see if it works for you. However, the benefits of investment products are more difficult to communicate, as they are often components of [...]

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Customer feedback is not enough

By | helmikuu 11th, 2015|Yleinen|

Customer feedback is not enough “Our approach is customer-oriented. We have a pretty good idea of what our customers want.” Organizations have their own, established channels for gathering customer insights. Typically, it’s the people at sales, marketing and after sales who face the customers and get to hear their complaints, and occasionally, even praise. This [...]

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Why do software projects fail?

By | helmikuu 3rd, 2015|Yleinen|

Why do software projects fail? Software design is often the one part of a product development project which sets the critical path, i.e. the longest sequence of activities in a project plan which must be completed on time for the project to complete on due date. At the same time, most software projects fail to [...]

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