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Designing Complex Systems

By | huhtikuu 18th, 2017|Yleinen, Käyttäjäkokemus, Muotoilu, Palvelumuotoilu|

Designing Complex Systems Traditional product design focuses on the design of physical objects, with aesthetics and ergonomics as the guiding factors in the designer's work. The same basic principles apply to designing software user interfaces. But things are changing at an ever-increasing speed. We live in a world of interconnected items, spaces, processes and people, [...]

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Marcus Aurelius was right

By | huhtikuu 7th, 2017|Yleinen, Käyttäjäkokemus, Palvelumuotoilu|

Marcus Aurelius was right   With Design Thinking and Service Design being hailed as novel methods by which to design a glorious future world, it is worthwhile to notice that the basic principles of User Experience design are not new. Just look at the words of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, written in ca. 170-180 [...]

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