Industrial Design

Industrial design is not a value in itself but a significant success factor. Studies have shown* that companies that invest in design triple their value compared to the competition.

Industrial design makes anything from consumer products, complex professional systems, and heavy vehicles to services aesthetically pleasant to use. It also generates value and engages users. Well-designed products, services and systems enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction. Against the common belief, industrial design does not increase production costs. On the contrary, it often cuts costs by steering structural design towards simpler, more modular solutions.

Comprehensive industrial design covers product design, user interface design and brand management to produce a seamless user experience. Customers have a stronger connection to a company’s brand elements when they are manifested in all products and services.

*) This is true! For more information, see our blog: Design triples the value of a company (in Finnish).

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We design high quality utility vehicles from tractors and forklifts to mining machines and buses.

Product performance is a combination of user-friendliness, ergonomics and optimal production processes.

Successful design can render even challenging medical procedures pleasant and safe.

Usability, effectiveness and user-friendliness are key competitive factors.

A competent design partner coaches growth companies on their way to international success.