Cockpit Design

In the design of a driver’s compartment – as in other environment designs for professionals – the primary goal is to develop a functional and effective working environment for the user. The most important tasks, interconnected routines and functions must be fluent and as easy as possible. The visibility to the focus areas and controls, haptic functionality and natural movements together with well-balanced ergonomics ensure effectivity and comfortability even during long driving sequences.

The controls, displays and process information shall be presented for the user in a familiar, easily understandable form and in a suitable thinking pattern. In this way, acceptance and application of new equipment is faster and possibilities for errors are diminished.

Sometimes the co-operation of the crew or the work team is a fundamental part of an effective result. Team management, task coordination and communication during an industrial process control, on a ship’s bridge or in a remote control room, is a part of a work process which can be enhanced by determined design solutions.

In a modern driver’s environment the user expects high quality materials, comfortable air conditioning and good acoustics. Possibilities to make personal choices based on one’s own taste are on the wish list. Among these are task arrangement issues, contents of displays, functional needs – or purely aspects for comfortability. A comfortable working environment is also an effective one and drives better quality.

ED Design has specialized in designing professional vehicles and their cockpits already for four decades, including user interface solutions for professional machines, equipment and devices. We also design other professional working environments such as industrial process control areas and medical operating rooms.

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We design ergonomic and user-centred control rooms for demanding tasks.

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