Design for Health Technology

We design devices, software and services for professional users in demanding operating environments.

The starting point for health care solution design comprises applicability to treatment processes, ergonomics and great usability. Medical instruments and hospital equipment are products most of us hope never to have to see first-hand. However, successful design has managed to render many difficult and often frightening medical procedures pleasant and safe – for both health care professionals and their patients.

The health care and wellbeing industry highlights the importance of mapping user wishes and needs as the starting of industrial design and user interface design processes. Shaping the internal architecture and structure of a product allows us to create a well-balanced package that combines the technical properties and user requirements. Products, software and services are comprehensively designed to function as an element of a more extensive, effective care environment that is sensitive to the needs of health care professionals and patients alike.

ED Design customer relationships are typically long-term cooperation projects. That reflects the extent to which we have adopted the special features and requirements of the field. We have designed patient monitors and anaesthesia work stations for the GE Healthcare group (previously Instrumentarium Datex) and laboratory equipment for Thermo Fisher (previously Labsystems Finnpipette) since the 1990s. Our designs have won many awards over the years.

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We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Our mechanical designers master the design of complicated parts and and surfaces.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different devices, systems and services.

Our prototype workshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.