Design for Process Industry

At its best, industrial design means making difficult things easy. We work with our customers to design more functional, better-quality products that are more competitive in an international environment.

Seeing the big picture is a key factor in industrial equipment and solution design projects. Our team specialises in digging out the essential information from the different compartments of the customer organisation and in communicating ideas in a comprehensible fashion. Good communication ensures that ideas are passed on and can be fully utilised.

Good ergonomics and usability, as well as the application of the latest technologies and materials, are important aspects of our cooperation projects. Designers and engineers work seamlessly to keep each project on track all the way to implementation.

Our customers in this field include ABB, Aidon and Metso.

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Process Industry References

We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Our mechanical designers master the design of complicated parts and and surfaces.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different equipment, systems and services.

Our prototype workshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.