Design for Start-ups

Fledgling growth companies encounter many types of challenges. They require proper funding and need to attract the interest of the markets while ensuring effective product development. To maximize their potential, start-up companies should invest their own efforts in their core areas of competence and utilise external expertise where it is most beneficial.

A competent, experienced design partner coaches growth companies on their way to international success. High-quality industrial design and user interface design add to the credibility of an idea or a product to help win over funding agents as well as the global markets. Combining innovative design efforts with an agile prototyping process ensures speedy development work. At its best, design trickles into all the important stages of a development project as opposed to being administered in one massive dose.

Start-up companies can benefit from a design partner with extensive experience of international top brands and fledgling start-up companies. This adds vision and agility to product and service development, bringing a company many steps closer to an international breakthrough.

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We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Our mechanical designers master the design of complicated parts and and surfaces.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different equipment, systems and services.

Our prototype workshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.