Product Design

Product performance is a combination of user-friendliness, ergonomics and optimal production processes. A good product is effortless to use and can be produced at a moderate cost. Both objectives can be achieved by including industrial design in the process from the very beginning, side by side with technical development.

Purchase decisions are often ostensibly based on rational arguments, even though it is impossible to distinguish such reasoning from an emotional approach to a brand. Our designers draw inspiration from trends in the fields of design, fashion, art and architecture.

Our customers in these industries include Oras, Lumon and Molok.

Our designers and designs have received many awards over the years, including several Red Dots and Kirsi Svärd’s Industrial Designer of the Year 2014 award.

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Product Design References

We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Mekaniikkasuunnittelijamme hallitsevat monimutkaisten kappaleiden ja muotopintojen suunnittelun.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different devices, systems and services.

Our prototype workshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.