Project Description

Unified Chargers – Compact Fast Charger for EVs

Unified Chargers’ compact fast charging station provides fast destination charging for electric vehicles. Charging time is reduced to a fraction when compared to conventional AC solutions that rely on an EVs’ on-board chargers, with most models charged full in less than an hour. The station is compatible with most EV models.

Thanks to its compact design and ability to charge two cars simultaneously, the charging station is a perfect fit to parking facilities and urban environments.

The station has two easy-to-use interface options. Charging events can be controlled via smartphone or with simple start and stop buttons on the station. It is also possible to integrate different payment options to the station via smartphone.

Setting up a Unified Chargers station is easy. All you need is an electrician to connect the station to electrical grid. The station is ready to use right away with all its functionalities.