According to a rule of thumb in product development, the cost of modifications increases in proportion to how late in the project they are implemented. The most important purpose of mock-ups and prototypes is to provide early feedback. This expedites the completion of the project, saves money and, above all, allows agile product development and quality results.

Rough mock-ups are used at the beginning of a project to enhance interaction design. This may mean optimising a control cabin together with the drivers, developing the cabling of an electronic appliance in cooperation with the installers, or improving the appearance and feel of a faucet together with the users. Prototypes and small series production allow presenting, testing and selling items that correspond to the finished product – before a single euro has been invested in serial production tools.

Even though 3D printing is constantly developing, it is only one way to produce mock-ups or rough models for prototype production. Production methods should be based on size, serial size, intended material properties and the desired level of detail of a product. Our prototype shop and extensive partner network can produce high-quality models and prototypes using different production methods as necessary.

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Rough mock-ups support interaction design.

Finished prototypes allow presenting and testing product concepts.

Demo equipment clarifies the functions of a product or a solution in an informative, fun way.

We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.