Mock-up models

Rough mock-models support interaction design in the early stages of a project. This may mean optimising a control cabin together with the drivers, developing the cable of an electronic appliance in cooperation with the installers, or improving the appearance and feel of a faucet together with the users.

Including a mock-up in design work is the fastest and surest way to develop the user interface of an appliance, specifically when the product is large enough to surround the user. Compared with mere images or virtual models, physical mock-ups allow making more detailed observations, creating better solutions, obtaining more credible feedback, and making more justified decisions to serve the next project phase.

As design work swiftly progresses, mock-up models are constructed and modified in accordance with any boundary conditions, such as the dimensions of a control cabin, a 3D coordinate system or space reserved for components. If necessary, a mock-up can finished to the point where it can be presented at a fair or exploited in user testing. We can deliver, for example, fully functional control equipment and driver’s compartment components for machine prototypes.

We organise our workshops in clean, comfortable facilities in the form of design meetings, usability examinations or reviews. Our facilities are also available for our customers’ internal meetings.

We document the different development stages of using photos or 3D measurements and provide clear reports for customer use.

Our protoshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.

We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Our mechanical designers master the design of complicated parts and and surfaces.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different equipment, systems and services.

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