Prototypes and small series allow presenting, testing and selling items that correspond to the final product – before a single euro has been invested in serial production tools.

Prototypes and small series require exceptional methods and operating models. We finish and assemble production items to the desired point. We make prototype and small series deliveries to customers as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We create prototypes and small series at one address with 40 years of experience. We can deliver serial assemblies directly to your production line as necessary.

Model items are often intended for testing specific product properties or for obtaining user feedback. We provide model construction and testing in one package, complete with a testing report for the customer. Some of the tests are conducted by our partners. In addition to a report, we can complete required geometrical modifications and obtain an official classification (e.g. IP classification).

Our protoshop produces high-quality models and prototypes.

We design products and services which meet user needs both operationally and emotionally.

Our mechanical designers master the design of complicated parts and and surfaces.

We design comprehensive user experiences for different equipment, systems and services.

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