Community Planning

Community planning involves innovation, development and design of the inhabited environment and its services using various service design methods. The material that results from the three-phase process is used to create the bases and sketches for co-creation in the area in the form of a general plan or master plan, for instance.

In the first phase of participatory community planning, we envisage the future for the area to be planned, based on which we then specify various functions, facilities and services for the area in the second phase. In the third phase, we concentrate on a concrete solution for the area, modelled together using both physical scale models and virtual means. The architect responsible for zoning takes part in the work throughout the process and has an excellent opportunity to hear the needs and wishes of local residents and actors directly from them. As a result of the process, the areas become more comfortable and work better, and the zoning process is accelerated as the number of unnecessary appeals is reduced. An example of a completed spatial design project can be found at www.gb2027.fi.

We also carry out smaller assignments, which may include user interviews, grounds reviews, specialist assessments, ideation workshops and various city events. Our tried and tested methods – participatory design, creative development work as well as scale models and virtual modelling – enable the development of extensive space, area and service complexes.

“The starting point was challenging: the area had been under development for a long time, but the work had progressed slowly in the centre, with many actors and different property owners. Residents have provided positive feedback on the workshops. It is worth a special mention that, thanks to their active and unreserved approach, the workshop leaders also managed to engage young people and immigrants, who had earlier been difficult to reach. The workshops provided a natural foundation for continuing both the town planning and the more extensive development of Gammelbacka.”
(Eero Löytönen, Head of the City Planning Department, City of Porvoo)

On 7 December 2017, ED Design combined forces with Bcklight Oy, a pioneer in urban planning and spatial design. With the merger, ED Design’s customers can now benefit from Bcklight’s decades of experience and expertise. The resulting unique service offering enables the design and planning of modern, interactive operating environments from individual products to entire intelligent cities. Bcklight Oy’s managing director, psychologist Juha Simola, moved to ED Design as the Director of Service Design and Urban Planning.

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