Control Room Design

Digitalization and Internet of Things offer unique opportunities for industrial automation, process optimization and pre-emptive care. While this development will make several traditional professions more or less obsolete, it will also create new needs and tasks for remote monitoring and controlling. A similar development can be seen wherever vehicles, vessels and machines become more and more autonomous – including industries such as seafaring, agriculture and mining.

24/7 control, command and management work is becoming commonplace in societal contexts such as alarm centres, traffic control and maritime supervision. The delicate situation in world politics puts an emphasis on similar tasks in a military context.

Control centres, cockpits and ship bridges are modern workspaces where efficiency is essential, staying alert is critical, and errors may prove fatal. The role of ergonomics and fluent user interaction is key as the working environment becomes more and more integrated with the operator. Physical interaction devices and virtual interfaces need to work reliably and intuitively.

The requirement for efficiency is not limited to the work of the operatoring crew. Next generation control rooms are often mobile plug&play solutions which can be quickly moved and deployed, and where servicing needs to be easy and quick. The solution is more and more often provided by compact, industrially manufactured control units – often built into standard-sized sea containers – and different integrated workspaces.

ED Design has been designing professional workspaces for demanding tasks for over four decades. We design ergonomical, user-centred workspaces as well as user interfaces, integrated furniture and supplementary spaces. The Morehouse COMM7 Rapid Deployment Command Center with its integrated operator chairs is an example of such a solution.

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