Digitalisation enables introducing new kinds of intelligent solutions and the best possible customer experience as part of current business operations as well as creating completely new business through innovative solutions.

Digitalisation opens up opportunities to turn conventional business based on equipment sales into service-oriented business. The benefits of predicting future maintenance needs have already been widely understood, but it is only the first step in making use of the IoT. We should question the benefits of owning a device and managing it in-house in comparison with purchasing the entire solution relating to the device as a service. Service design and user-oriented design offer excellent tools for designing such solutions.

ED Design’s approach to digitalisation is systemic. We turn operating environments into intelligent and interactive entities where the facilities, equipment, software and services form a seamless and uniform user experience. At the same time, we build new earning opportunities for our customers and aim to provide end users of products and services with more intelligent ways to improve their work, daily life and leisure.

Together with our software partner Atostek, we can even respond to rather demanding digital challenges in business environments such as transport, medicine and heavy industry.

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