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Future Solutions

The world is changing ever more quickly. At the same time, developing new products and services becomes more difficult: how can you know what will be in demand in the future? We offer the means of looking outside the box, recognising the development directions that define the future and then proceeding from there to concrete product and service solutions.

Our tried and tested design methods are based on a unique combination of future research and design. We follow future trends, megatrends and weak signals and have created constantly updated tools and methods on their basis. With the help of these, we can recognise the development directions in each segment and create visions, scenarios and concepts for future services and products. Our design work starts from a vision and proceeds through operating models towards concrete solutions: we shape future solutions into high-quality visualisations, models and service packages – and combinations of all these.

The opportunities opened up by technologies are part of design work, and so are their limitations. However, the starting point of our work is our user and market knowledge, which we combine with applying developments and solutions across segment boundaries, made possible by our experience. This way, we can always utilise the solutions found to work the best in each project.

“When selecting a partner for product development projects, we look for innovative companies and people who can seamlessly collaborate with our personnel in line with our product development principles. ED Design is all of this: a partner that challenges us and our thinking but also helps us create a genuinely new kind of solution for the next generation fire alarm.”
(Timo Punkka, Product Development Manager, Schneider Electric)

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