Spatial Design

Spatial design involves innovation, development and the design of spaces and related services using various service design methods.

Spatial design comprises three phases: First, we make plans for the best possible future for the operations of the organisation that uses the space. After this, we survey the solutions, functions and services needed to achieve this future. In the third phase, we join forces to produce a practical solution for the targeted facilities by, among other things, scale model work and various virtual means. The inspiring and efficient work results in a manual for the development of operations and facilities as well as a preliminary sketch of the layout. If necessary, the project continues all the way to detailed architectural drawings or interior design.

The target of the project may be, for example, a campus, educational institute, library, industrial facilities or office. The change in space is a change in the state of mind, and the work then results in not only a spatial solution but also a shared goal. This way, the result achieved does not need to be deployed separately, but the commitment to the objective, operations and services and the facilities designed together on their basis is born and grows naturally as part of the shared journey. A participatory process increases job satisfaction and the efficiency and well-being of the work community.

In addition to the comprehensive solution described hereinabove, we can carry out spatial design with a lighter participatory process. Our special area in spatial design is control room design.

“In the spatial design for the Lapland University Consortium Library, the goals were set high enough and the design work was carried out thoroughly, efficiently and smoothly.”
(Jukka Mäkelä, Vice Principal, University of Lapland)

On 7 December 2017, ED Design combined forces with Bcklight Oy, a pioneer in urban planning and spatial design. With the merger, ED Design’s customers can now benefit from Bcklight’s decades of experience and expertise. The resulting unique service offering enables the design and planning of modern, interactive operating environments from individual products to entire intelligent cities. Bcklight Oy’s managing director, psychologist Juha Simola, moved to ED Design as the Director of Service Design and Urban Planning.

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