User Experience

The user experience covers the comprehensive experience created by the product or service both during use and before and after it. A good user experience engages the user by being attractive, aesthetically pleasing or funny, but it also has practical benefits. Concepts linked with user experiences include usability, practicability, smoothness and safety – things that have significance in terms of the efficiency and correctness of the operations and may in some cases even prevent accidents or save human lives.

A good user experience is designed in a user-oriented manner. This requires a systematic examination of the needs and operating paths of all the different user groups. While investigation and design work are usually targeted at facilities, equipment and software, it is equally important to observe user operating paths beyond these. Key elements in generating a harmonious, consistent and intuitive user experience include comprehensive design and giving tangible forms to abstract elements.

Usability and the user experience are relevant in all projects. This is why we at ED Design have made user-oriented design a natural part of all design projects, whether an operating room, mining vehicle cab, harbour control room, bathroom water fitting or driving school service offering, for instance.

“In projects completed with ED Design, I have appreciated not only the results but also the customer-oriented and natural interaction. Ideas have effortlessly been created together and, in addition to the open approach, the work process from reviewing the results to further development has always been quick and efficient.”
(Juha Saarnio, COO, FinC Trade Platform)

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